What are Blackjack dealer hand signals?


What are Blackjack dealer hand signals?

May 24, 2022

Online Casino games are so simple. You load the game and bet with just one click of the mouse. There can be no dispute if the dealer misunderstands you or if you have bet a certain amount. Everything is logged electronically and runs automatically.

In a live casino, however, things are quite different. Casinos are naturally noisy places, and there are often players sitting at a table who have had an "occasional" drink.

All of this makes it very difficult for the croupier to hear clearly. Without a certain system in place, you can imagine how many costly mistakes could be made and how everyone's enjoyment would suffer.

To get around this problem, blackjack players use a system of universal blackjack hand signals when playing, indicating their intended actions in each round. Under these circumstances, the croupier can easily keep track of who is doing what. And even if there were a dispute, a casino's network of surveillance cameras could be recorded to show what gesture was made (or not made).

Before we describe the signals, let's recap the options you have in each round of blackjack:

Hit: take another card

Stand: Stay with the cards you have

Double: Double your original bet and receive another card

Split: Double your bet if you have a pair and play as two hands

What are hand signals in classic Blackjack?

What are hand signals in classic Blackjack?

When you first start playing in a casino, it is easy to forget to use the blackjack terms and hand signs, even if you know them. The dealer will gently remind you so you don't repeat the mistake. Remember that it is for your own good if the croupier understands exactly what you want to do.

  • Sign for hit: If you want to take another card, tap your finger lightly on the table in front of you. Some players like to move their hand in the direction of "come here", but the casino staff prefers the unmistakable tap.

  • Hand and gestures for stand: If you like your cards and don't want to risk taking another card, you must stand. The blackjack hand sign for standing consists of waving your hand over your cards, signaling that you don't want to take any further part in the action.

  • Sign for Double Down: If you like your first two cards and the dealer looks weak, you should double down and double your bet. To do this, take the correct number of chips, place them next to your original bet (but outside the betting area) and point a finger at them.

  • Signal to split the hand: Another way to bring money to the table is to split when you have a pair. Again, you put down the chips to double your bet (again, outside the betting box). But this time you point two fingers in a clear V shape. The V-shape is crucial because it makes it clearer to the dealer that you want to split, not double.

In very rare cases, the surrender rule is allowed at casino blackjack tables. There is no universal hand gesture for this, so verbally address the dealer about it if you want to surrender.

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What are face down Blackjack hand signals?

Another variant is known as Face Down Blackjack. In this variant, you are dealt two cards face up. One advantage that the player has over the dealer is that if there is a blackjack tie, the player wins instead of the dealer, while the dealer can win all other ties. Similar to Face Up, this game is also played with 8 of the usual 52 card decks. Another difference is that you can only double down with two of the same cards, which are either a 9, 10 or 11.

Below are some of the common signals for Face Down:

  • Sign for hit: to hit, all you have to do is scrape the table.

  • Sign to stand: place your cards under your chips, but without moving them.

  • Sign to double down or split: turn your cards up and place a second bet. Then hold up either one finger to double down or two fingers to split the cards.

What are face up Blackjack hand signals?

Face Up Blackjack, also known as Double Exposure Blackjack, is another variation of the original game. As you may know, in the original game, you and the dealer receive two cards, one face up and one face down. In Face Up, on the other hand, you and the dealer receive two cards face up. Another difference is that you can double your bet if there is a tie or a split. Another difference is the number of cards the dealer has. In the original version, the dealer uses a standard 52-card deck, but in this variant, the dealer holds 8 of the 52-card decks. Also, the dealer must hit on a soft 17, and a blackjack hand outdraws any other hand of 21. Also, you win if you and the dealer have 21, and not the dealer.

Below are the common hand signals in face-up play:

  • Sign for hit: to hit, all you have to do is tap the table or point to your cards

  • Sign to stand: simply wave one of your hands over your cards only

  • Sign to double down or split: whatever you do, don't touch your cards, but place another bet separately from your first one. Then raise only one finger if you want to double down, or two fingers if you want to split your cards.

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Other Blackjack Actions in the Casino

Other Blackjack Actions in the Casino

When you are in a live casino, there are other things you need to do while playing blackjack. For example, you may need to get more chips.

Let's take a look at some common commandments and prohibitions in live blackjack.

  • You are not allowed to touch face up cards under any circumstances.

  • You can touch face down cards if they belong to you, but you may only use one hand.

  • Do not try to change or remove your bets after the new round has started.

  • If you want to buy more chips, wait until the round is over and prepare the money so that you can get it before the next round starts.

  • Do not give the money directly to the dealer when you buy chips. Leave it on the table for him to count and give you the chips.

  • If you want to split or double, always place the chips for the new bet next to your original bet, not on top of it.

  • Never take cards off the table when playing blackjack.

  • Do not touch the chips you have bet once the game has started.

  • You can ask the dealer for advice during the game.

This pretty much covers the most important blackjack guidelines for live gambling. Of course, you should also follow the general casino etiquette tips to have the best gaming experience.

Once you get into your live blackjack game, you'll soon realize how fast it can go when all the players at the table are using the rules for hand gestures. It can be a little frustrating when one or two players forget or keep getting it wrong. You can always practice at home before venturing into your first live casino session.

Playing Blackjack Online

If the whole blackjack hand signs and gestures thing seems too complicated for you, you can always try online casinos for blackjack instead. You will see beautiful and shiny buttons for each action on your screen, so there is no possibility of doing anything wrong.

You can also expect generous bonuses and gratuities, as well as much lower minimum stakes. You can even try the blackjack tables with live dealers to enjoy the best of both worlds!

In conlusion: Overall, blackjack is not a very complicated game and is fairly easy to play. Memorizing the different hand signs for each blackjack variation can take some time, but with a little practice you will be able to memorize them all quickly. If you want to have fun and practice a bit, we recommend playing at online casinos. Discover also In Blackjack, which of these Hands is a “Soft 14”?

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