What is the Probability of Getting a Blackjack?


What is the Probability of Getting a Blackjack?

May 18, 2022

What is the probability of getting a blackjack?  Unlike many other casino games, blackjack is far from a random game in terms of winning strategies that can be applied while playing. While winnings in other games depend directly on players' luck, this game offers the possibility of using probabilities to win blackjack, depending on the many decisions players make. In order to win, you need to know all the probabilities and the rules of the game in order to know whether or not to bet. It is important to know that considering certain parameters while playing can have an important impact on the rest of the game.

Parameters affecting the probability of winning at blackjack

First of all, it is important to know that there are several parameters that can directly affect the chances of winning at blackjack. They are directly related to the strategies and different gaming tools of the game. These include, but are not limited to

  • Number of decks. The more cards you have, the more chances you have to win at blackjack,
  • A soft hand of 17, in which the dealer stays or makes a draw. Thus, depending on the rules, the casino can give an advantage in the odds of winning about 0.2%,
  • Doubling Rules: This type of rule is commonly referred to in gambling establishments as the "Reno Rule," which simply doubles a certain game value. If the double is 9-11, the player gets a 0.09% advantage for 8-card decks and a 0.15% advantage for 1-card decks.

However, if the pair is 10-11, the house advantage reaches 0.17% for 8-card blackjack decks and 0.26% for 1-card decks.

  • Doubling Up After Split: If a casino allows players to double up immediately after splitting pairs, they get an extra 0.12% win rate,
  • Re-split: Most casinos offer customers a second split after they have split a new pair, simply by being dealt an extra card of the same rank.

However, if the gambling establishment does not allow this, it simply means that the odds of winning go to the house. Since the best hands are pairs of eights and aces, there may be special rules for splitting aces. If the casino allows players to split aces, they get an extra 0.03% advantage. In other words, in most cases, if players split aces, the house will only give out one card per hand. Allowing players to play hands with split aces gives them an advantage of more than 0.13%. This rule should not be considered in simulation games, as it is almost never used, much less on the Internet.

What are the rules that affect the chances of winning at blackjack?

As mentioned earlier, in blackjack it is important to have a game strategy. In addition, this table game is far from a regular pastime and is governed by rules that directly affect players' chances of winning. As in Europe and elsewhere, knowing the rules is absolutely essential if the ultimate goal of the game is to win money.

No-hole card rule

There is a European rule that many players know as the no-hole card rule. There are several varieties of blackjack played with hole cards, which are dealt directly to the dealer after all players at the table have played their hands. Such a rule can directly affect the strategy of players who choose to play against the dealer's A or 10. If the game is normally played with the cards closed, players can find out if the dealer has blackjack before he makes his decision. In this game, however, players take a big risk if they decide to split or double. However, this rule adds a 0.11% probability of winning for the house. However, in some other establishments, players are allowed to hit their extra pairs (pair-splitting) if the dealer has blackjack.

Different levels of redistribution

The payout ratio in blackjack is usually 3:2, but some gambling establishments and tables simply change this ratio to greatly increase the advantage of the establishment. As a result, the payout ratio can range from 1:1 to 6:5 with a winning probability of 1.4%. The first rule (1:1) is rare and the 6:5 rule can only be found at tables with decks of cards. Payout odds are usually displayed on the mats of the various tables.

Dealers make money on links

There is another rule that says that in the case of a draw, the dealer wins, which is disadvantageous to the players. However, this rule is almost never used in classic games. However, it can still be found in several variations of blackjack.

There is another trick that casinos have created specifically and that gives the institution a very big advantage. The main factor that makes many players choose insurance is the fact that this option costs only half of the original bet. However, when players take insurance every time, the casino's advantage can increase significantly and even reach 7%. When you add in the other rules that the casino applies to the game, you can see that the odds of winning blackjack are worth considering if players want to play profitably.

Subsidiary rates

Many blackjack games offer participants the opportunity to take advantage of side bets, one of the most exciting attractions for all blackjack enthusiasts. However, when looking at the different odds in blackjack, we can see that regardless of jackpot size, winnings value, such as the perfect pair rule, the odds are on the house side and players cannot win.

Blackjack systems

When playing blackjack, you should know that there are several systems of play, among which we find :

- The password system: this first system is designed specifically for money management and consists of making the first cautious bet in blackjack, which can be increased after winning. It is necessary to set up the betting procedure so as not to forget the maximum bet.

On the other hand, it will be necessary to determine in advance the number of games on which the player plans to increase his bets. Of course, this depends on the chances of winning blackjack and the type of variant being played. The advantage of this system is that it is not necessary to have a large amount of cash.

- The Alembert System: This system is a perfect combination of two control systems in one. In fact, d'Alembert's system combines the insurance system and the Martingale system. As soon as you lose in a particular game, the bets are increased by one more predetermined bet,

Basic strategy: In blackjack, the odds of winning are among the most favorable in the casino. However, they generally decline considerably when players deviate from their basic strategy, which is a list of rules players must follow.

These rules tell you exactly when to play, divide, flop, or simply double up. If you follow this strategy, your chances of winning at blackjack will greatly increase.

Knowing the different strategies allows players to have a much more accurate idea of the odds and limitations of playing blackjack.

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