How gambling supports the football industry


How gambling supports the football industry

January 30, 2023

Gambling and sports have a long history and relationship with one another. It cannot be argued that gambling has, in numerous ways, brought popularity and financial support to clubs and fans alike. Millions of people worldwide bet, and the gambling industry enjoys more popularity than ever. 

According to Global Data, the 2020/21 season saw the football industry gain almost $500 million from betting partners and sponsorships. English football has also generated substantial profit from television audiences, making $142.8 million. The Spanish League comes in next with $70 million from partnerships with betting brands. The German Football League comes in third.

These statistics show just how important betting is to the success of each football league. The few examples provided above are just a small portion of how much football leagues and clubs benefit from betting partnerships.

This article discusses how much the betting industry supports football and how football clubs benefit from such partnerships. 

Football and Sports Betting

Football is beautiful: it has the power to unite and bring into one bond strangers from different nationalities and separate beliefs. Football fans give their 100% loyalty and support in summer, fall, and winter, and this is the same kind of energy sought after by betting brands: players that bet no matter what.

Technology has now made betting even more convenient, helping the industry grow. Many betting sites have live streaming options, which in turn benefits clubs in partnership with such sites. 

The sports betting industry is one of the few industries that has an incredible prospect of becoming bigger than it currently is. Sports betting is on steady and rapid growth, with more people engaging in betting on all kinds of sports: football, basketball, horse and greyhounds, racing, and more. 

As the world evolved to accept gambling as a lucrative industry, football leagues are beginning to accept betting brands as sponsors, with several clubs having a betting brand on their jerseys. Most clubs, especially in Europe, have embraced betting sponsorship and partnership, and it's incredibly scarce to find a club without an official betting sponsor.

In the Premier League alone, at least seven clubs have a gambling sponsor printed on their main shirt. They include Burnley, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Crystal Palace, West Ham United, Leeds United, and Fulham. Although these are the few clubs in the Premier League that have a betting sponsor on their shirt, many more will surely be seen in a few years to come.  

How sponsorships and partnerships with betting brands support football

One of the main things betting sponsors give football is money. The gambling industry is worth several billion dollars; with this, a single partnership with a betting brand can pump millions of dollars into a club. These days, many clubs are struggling to carry on the expenses of running a football club, and these sorts of partnerships come in handy.

With the money generated from betting partnerships, gets get the necessary funds to purchase better players. A team's success depends majorly on the tactical brilliance of a coach, but a brilliant manager will need a balanced team, and the only way to achieve this is to buy talented and skilled players, which, of course, costs money.

Betting sponsorships act as an alternate source of revenue for clubs, which helps fund the purchase of new players and helps improve the club.

Money acquired from betting brands helps fund leagues in the lower divisions. The English Premier League, through the Football Foundation, has put into grassroots football more than £300 million over the past twenty years. There are also several individual clubs that also personally find regional activities, and lesser-known clubs as well. 

Brands are also starting to focus on women's teams, allowing for a greater market for betting brands and more money for the clubs. The growth of the Women's Super League is inevitable, considering prominent betting brands are targeting the market, and exclusive partnerships are not far.


Betting partnerships undoubtedly have a knockout effect. Other sports apart from football are now seeking to establish lucrative deals with betting brands. For example, the major sports leagues in the US, like the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB, are announcing partnerships with betting brands, with more expected to come.

Football, however, takes the lead with the level of integration between football and the betting industry. The FA Cup has recently signed a deal with a bookie to live stream football matches, which means more income for the league. It is expected that betting sites will soon become a part of clubs' official websites.

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How gambling supports the football industry

How gambling supports the football industry

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