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The Dog House Demo

The Dog House Demo

Pragmatic Play's Dog House slot is not just for dog lovers. It is, in fact, a very solid slot, although it might not look like it at first impression. Yes, the cartoon-style dogs are silly and cute, and the whole thing looks like something a child might enjoy on their tablet. But, nothing could be further from the truth. It is a very volatile slot machine that has some bite to it. It's just the perfect casino game for all the dog lovers and not just them. This game bites more than it barks.

How are the graphics, sounds and animations?

Drawing in a bright, cartoonish style, and sweeping the spins, eager to be friends, give you big licks and take a walk. These bungee puppies are having a blast in this slot, and it's nice to see this provider bet on a new style and make it a fun machine.

This online slot machine becomes an angle of four dogs. You will discover the alpha dog, a Rottweiler and his friends' dogs, a Shih Tzu, a Pug and Wiener

The background is a suburban scene with houses, a wooden fence, passing butterflies and plants swaying in the wind.

The stubs feature stylized symbols from 10s to Aces, with the most valuable symbols being bones, collars and, of course, dogs.

This music in the game looks like a waltz that adds to the colorful cartoon design while oversized symbols emerge from the frame.

The sound effects when the big paw lands give you hope of a win, and the dogs always cheer you on when you get these three bonus symbols.

How does The Dog House slot work?

How does The Dog House slot work?

  • You can lay a bet between 0.20 and 100 per spin. So we can see that it's a good online slot machine for big and small players.
  • You can get a gain when you have a minimum of 3 symbols in an active payment line. When you finish the setting on a bet, you will need to put a mover roller.
  • All The Dog House free slot machine symbols to be played will pay out from left to right on the selected paylines.
  • The free spins you win will be added to the payline winnings. Your winnings are multiplied by the line stake.
  • The values are expressed as actual winning coins. Only the highest profit paid by the line. When you win with numerous paylines, your gains are added to the total gains. Free spins will not be given until the spin is finished.

In The Dog House, before spinning the rollers, it's important to check winning combinations and payouts. The free machine's payout table is provided at the top. It is important to check the paytable and help establish a game strategy and contain tips to play. However, you can only make money if you play The Dog House with real money. Also find out how to run The Dog House Megaways here.

What are the features of The Dog House?

Keep an eye on the Jewel Paw symbol. If it appears at time on reels 1, 3 and 5, the free spins bonus will be triggered and that's where the pleasure begins. However, before the action begins, the game turns in the hangar where you will see a Doberman running a primitive wooden machine revealing the number of spins who are assigned to you. The lowest number where you can start is 9 and the highest is 27.

During the free spins bonus, new reel strips appear in the story where the premium symbols appear completely stacked on the reels. Further, if the multiplier wild lands on the reels remain blocked until the feature ends. This is a very powerful combination that makes your gains grow up to 6 750 times the stake.

  • The Doberman - Country 37.5x for 5 on a payline
  • The Poodle - Country 25x for 5 on a payline
  • The Pug - Country 15x for 5 on a payline
  • The Beagle - Country 10x for 5 on a payline
  • Card Suit Symbols - Pay about 2.5x and 1.25x for 5 on a payline


It is not a lot to The Dog House, but it is still very pleasant. And the theme, not everybody can like it, but from a mechanical point of view, a slot machine in the purest form, if there is one - simple, volatile and with potential and will hold you up.

Payability to rendezvous and the overall quality is high. Everything works smoothly and there are no annoying quirks, at least in our opinion. The graphics are nice and do the job, but they are not particularly special. However, the scene where the bonuses are triggered with the dog spinning the free spins machine is excellent and helps create joy for the free spins.

We enjoyed playing The Dog House, but we must also admit that we have a weakness to sticky wilds with a high volatility. Anyone who has obtained a wild line will likely agree that this is one of the best moments when gambling. When you land these bad boys and lock them on winning payment lines with many free spins, you literally have the impression of robbing the casino and what is better? Here another slot to discover Gates of Olympus or Fruit Party.

The volatility of a slot machine refers to how frequently you win and lose money at the game, based on your average number of bets over time. While each spin of the reels in a slot machine has its own chance of winning or losing, over the long term you’ll either win more than you lose or vice versa. A low volatility slot machine will win less often than it loses, while a high volatility slot machine will do the opposite; lose more often than it wins over the long term.
What’s the difference between RTP and payback percentage? While the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they’re actually different ways of calculating the same thing. In the gaming industry, Return to Player (RTP) refers to how much a slot machine will pay back on average to players in comparison to how much they wager while playing. For example, if you spent $1 and played 100 rounds with an RTP of 95%, you would expect to win $95 after 100 rounds of play.
Yes this is possible, most of the slot machine providers are optimized to play on phones and any other devices.
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