Why is Slow Rolling so Bad?


Why is Slow Rolling so Bad?

May 23, 2022

Why is Slow Rolling so Bad? Poker is an interesting game with many seemingly contradictory ideas. On the one hand, lying, shaming or blatantly humiliating other players is an everyday part of the game. On the other hand, there are boundaries that are taboo and should never be crossed. One of them is slow-rolling. If you slow someone down, even accidentally, you can be banned from the table, or worse, you can get into a fist fight.

What is a slow roll? A slow roll is a situation where a player with a very strong hand (often a nut) faces a river bet and delays calling or turning over their cards. This is usually done to give the opponent the false hope of having a winning hand. Slow rolling is a serious breach of poker etiquette.

Why do people hate slow rolling?

Slow throwing is disliked because it deceives a person just at the moment when he is about to lose a large sum of money or chips at the poker table. It adds unnecessary pressure at a time when things are already emotional for the player. Essentially, delaying showing a strong hand gives the opponent false hope that the pot will turn in his favor. There is nothing more cruel at the poker tournament than this. Slow-rolling involves the following actions

Slow rolls include :

- Delaying handing over a winning hand or feigning disappointment or sighing before handing it over.

- Telling your opponent something to make him think he could win.

- Tanking and calling takes several minutes.

- He turns the cards over on the muck as if he were discarding them, and then immediately turns them over.

Is slow rolling illegal?

Usually there is no clear rule that makes it illegal to call or turn with a strong card for a long time. Still, playing slowly in the wrong poker room could get you banned or worse. We've heard of people being attacked by slow players in the parking lot outside a casino.

I would tell people to check the local rules before driving slow, but I think that's bad advice. You should concentrate on beating your opponent instead of making him hate you for the rest of his life. Slow rolls are unforgivable behavior for most poker players. But is Poker Illegal?

What to do if you are slow

If you find yourself on the wrong side of a slow roller, it's usually better to choose your path. It's possible that someone is slowing you down in an attempt to irritate you and take you out of the game. That's why it's best to say "nice hand" and move on.

Still, remember this the next time you have a really strong hand and are facing an all-in from that player. Did you know that the term "payback" is used?

What to do if you witness a slow roll

If you see another player who has been the victim of a slow roll, it is better not to react and say nothing. This is because these two players have a history and tradition of rolling over each other. Instead, it's better to think of ways to turn the situation in your favor in the next hand, and to keep in mind that the person who was slow-rolled can come back.

It may sound harsh, but controlling emotions is an important part of poker. Trust me, no one will underestimate you and you shouldn't do the same. With optimal strategy, there is no room for nice people. Take my advice and be a good guy outside the game and a ruthless villain in poker.

Is it possible to slow roll before the river?

There's nothing wrong with taking your time or "Hollywood-style" use of a strong hand in non-river related situations. In fact, feigning weakness is part of the game to keep your opponents in the game. If this is accomplished by a long time in action, then it is not bad poker etiquette, but rather good poker.

What is the difference between slow roll and slow play?

Slow play has nothing to do with the time it takes to perform an action and can occur on any street or river. Slow play basically means passive action, such as checking or calling against a strong hand. Conversely, fast play refers to betting or raising against a really strong hand.

Examples of Slow Rolling

Explaining the process of slow-rolling is not the same as seeing it with your own eyes.

I was accused of slow-rolling before I even knew what slow-rolling was. I was playing poker in a pub and when I had a flush, I got an all-in bet on the turn. I made the mistake of counting my chips and calling before I turned over my cards. My opponent immediately accused me of slow rolling, to which I replied that I didn't know what that was. He explained it to me and I apologized to him.

Slow Roll Poker Etiquette

To avoid slow-rolling, it's a good idea to get into the habit of immediately flipping over your cards when you call. Even a hand with fewer cards than the nuts can be perceived as a slow roll if your opponent has a slightly worse hand. Turning the cards over immediately also has a few side benefits

- It speeds up the game.

- You can confidently show a marginal hand that you call with, which can discourage your opponents from bluffing in the future.

Is It Okay to Slow Roll?

In rare cases, it may be acceptable to slow someone down. However, until you develop a sense for reading the table dynamics, slow-rolling should be avoided altogether. Here are a few cases in which slow-rolling can be considered :

- If someone at the table has slow-rolled recently and you have a strong hand on the river and can counter the slow-roller.

- If you are playing with a group of friends and it is customary to slow-roll the nuts.

- Other players are being obnoxious or insulting to other players.

- He has the image of a newcomer and slow-rolls to get rid of that image (don't overdo it and actually pretend you think you misread the hand).

- During the bubble at the final table of the tournament, an all-in is played at an adjacent table.

Slow Rolling Online

This is a frequently asked question: "Can I slow down online? The answer is yes.

Just like in a live game, if you are facing a bet when the nut or near-nut cards are on the river, it is considered a slow roll if it lasts more than a few seconds. Because of the prevalence of multi-tabling, most people don't pay attention to the action and aren't accused of slow rolling as they would be in a live game. Still, there is no reason to slow down for more than a few seconds. The only exception is if you invite friends and family into the room to show off your extremely strong hands.

Online slow-rolls are generally more tolerable. This is because most slow-rolls are not actually intentional. Rather, they are often caused by internet lag, multiple bidding, or some external factor. In fact, when slowdowns do occur, people rarely notice or even comment on them.


Slow rolling may seem strange when you have nuts, but it's best to follow the golden rule. Losing a big pot on the river when you think you have the best cards is terrible, regardless of the size of the bet. Just because you're trying to beat your opponents doesn't mean you have to let them down in the process.


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