How play Video Poker Online Casino?


How play Video Poker Online Casino?

May 09, 2022

Video Poker Online Casino - a Cross between Slot machines and Online poker

Video Poker Online Casino players know that poker is a game that requires time, experience and patience. Poker has the nobility of those games that are not given to everyone if they have the ambition to become a good player. However poker is a seductive game, it is a teaser. It allows you to believe that you have mastered it, that you know it well, that it is only watching you, and at the turn of an innocuous table it leaves you, leaving you alone with your chimeras. This is the point at which many players give up.

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Video poker takes away a small part of poker, thus taking all the hard work out of online poker. To compare the two is blasphemous. The only thing they have in common is the value of hands and combinations. The differences are noticeable: in video poker, there is no opponent. The player plays against the machine. All the psychological and strategic aspects of poker disappear. Video poker is like having the player always preflop in a game of Stud poker. There are only two rounds of betting. You can't cheat the machine.

Chance and luck are 95% of online video poker. The poker player's goal is to eliminate luck 95% of the time. The average payout ratio of a video poker machine is about 98%. In poker, this is the player's doing. If strategies exist in video poker, they are still a far cry from the richness of online poker. True fans know that real money video poker is everything poker is not : simple, fast, and intuitive. Just like making real money playing video poker!

Win Real Money in Video Poker 

For us, video poker is much closer to online slots. First of all, it is similar to a slot machine. It works the same way. But it's like Canada Dry - it looks like alcohol, but it's not alcohol. In video poker, there are buttons on the screen that you press to start a reel of cards. Players of old-school online slots will find in these the spirit of the first three-reel slot machines. Betting is done the same way: the player chooses the size of their bet. He will bet on the spin he makes, just like in a slot machine.

There is a very wide range of bets. You can play for real money from a few cents to several hundred euros. The mythology also coincides with this strange belief, which is to always bet on the same machine and especially to multiply the coins, and with larger bets. It could be said that there is a kinship between slot machines and video poker. The last common point is in progressive jackpot machines. Video poker also uses this method, combining with various online slot machines to generate a common jackpot. There are video poker machines with progressive jackpots where millions of euros can be won.

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The Benefits of Real Money Online Video Poker

24/7 Availability: Playing video poker online has many advantages and if it comes to a battle with land-based casinos, the virtual version will win by a large margin. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are hundreds of models with different variations, options and worlds. This richness does not diminish the main advantage of the video poker machine - its simplicity. In French land-based casinos, video poker machines are few and varied and are only available when the casino is open.

High payout ratio: the payout ratio (or payback ratio, or player return) of a video poker machine is around 98%, and in some cases up to 99% - much lower in land-based casinos.

Mobile Video Poker: like most casino games, real money video poker can be played anywhere and on any mobile device - compatible with iPhone, Android and tablet or iPad, play whenever and wherever you want!

Free Video Poker: A particular advantage of these online casino games is that they are all available mostly for free, with no deposit and sometimes even no registration. Players can try them out by playing for free online in "demo mode" or, thanks to no deposit bonuses, with play money bets, and thus choose a video poker game that suits their taste, as well as practice and test strategies without risking their bank account.

Real Money Video Poker Publishers

Video poker is a separate category in online casinos. Among game software publishers, there are no studios that specialize in this type of games, similar to slot machines. Far from being overlooked, we find signatures from some of the best publishers in the world that make the best video poker games: Betsoft Gaming, Netent, Rival Gaming. The advantage of these major studios is that they know their players well. They know how to upgrade the game without losing the original essence of the game. The differences lie in the themes, but the informed video poker player will mostly notice the differences in redistribution ratios and payout tables.

It is by these criteria that players should choose the version of video poker that is best suited for real money play. And before you start playing online video poker for real money, check out the rest of this article, which consists of two parts: video poker rules to learn how to play, and video poker tips and strategies

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