What is a profitable horse racing strategy?


What is a profitable horse racing strategy?

June 05, 2022

Horse racing is another prolific sport in the gambling industry that has a realistic means of making huge profits. This means that punters who have the right strategy in the market can experience real profitability.

What's even more interesting is that horse racing strategies are relatively easy to learn, regardless of your expertise.

Even so, many gamblers still dive into these markets without having learned the necessary skills. As a result, they lose their entire bankroll and blame the entire gambling system for their losses.

Since you are here today, we hope you will be one of the exceptions to this group of gamblers. Therefore, we will present three profitable horse racing betting strategies that will help you experience true profitability.

What is the Beaten Favourite System?

What is the Beaten Favourite System?

In this system, bettors should bet their money on a horse that lost its race, but had a previous winning streak before the recent loss. It simply shows that the horse is still a potential contender and that the last race was a temporary flop.

However, we recommend bettors to go for the best betting deals UK to find top bookmakers with excellent lucrative markets. This way, you can even take advantage of sign-up offers to apply this strategy and hopefully win big.

You will be counting on this horse to make a solid comeback and win the next race. Stay calm if you are interested in this strategy but don't know how to get started. You just need to do simple research to check the horse's ranking, health status and racing history.

Do you know why it is a profitable strategy? Many top bookmakers pay less attention to a losing horse, giving higher market odds. This makes it easy for this strategy to be insanely profitable in the long run.

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What is the Lay bet against a runner?

The lay betting strategy is a popular strategy among sports traders and it is highly marketable for almost every sport in the industry. But, considering we're dealing with horse racing, let's focus. Here it simply means betting against a rider. And to start this bet, you need to see the three favorites of the race and strategically analyze their odds.

After analyzing the three favorites of the race, choose runners with odds between 3.0 and 6.0 and bet against the most underdog in that race. Many bettors testify that they win over 80% of their time with this strategy. Just take your time to observe the top three runners and their odds before betting.

What is the Dutching Strategy?

What is the Dutching Strategy?

Dutchman's strategy is one of the most effective game systems in sports today. At the same time, it brings with it more mathematical initiations. Many are already afraid of this profitable system without really trying it by hearing math. It is interesting to note that to generate odds, even bookmakers use mathematics.

The strategy involves players betting on different selections of a horse race, with the goal of winning regardless of the outcome.

Moreover, bettors need to know this system, from the basic math to the outcome. Fortunately, it is not necessary to start preparing a book to do these calculations. There are now several online services that can generate all the necessary details you need.

As a gambler using this strategy, you need to bet the desired amount on favorable odds for your selections. The calculator immediately deduces the best amount to bet on each bet with the best possible profit. Some of these services already have built-in calculators to give bettors the best betting experience with the dutching technique.

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Tips for Winning Horse Racing Bets

Tips for Winning Horse Racing Bets

1. Research your horses

Analysis of horse racing is paramount to making the right decision, other than judging based on gut feeling. Look at the racing form and the level of competition.

A horse racing form, similar to the form used in soccer betting, gives you a historical picture of the horse's performance. The form provides valuable information for deciding which horse to place your bet on. Review the distance traveled, gaits, and last race results and compare with other horses in the race.

The last race results can give you a likely win probability in conjunction with the course, which determines the results. The course describes the horse's track, for example, heavy, soft, or firm. Different courses have different effects on the geniality of horse racing. 

2. Don't focus on your favorite

Of all sporting events, horse racing is the most unpredictable. Your favorite will not always win because he is up to the task. Racing is quite unpredictable, especially with exciting categories in the industry. Ever watch The Grand National horse races? Such races are difficult to predict because of the jumps involved.

When placing these types of bets, look for the best-known horses. Maximum one third of the time is gained by the favorites. Outsiders are likely to do better and walk away with a bigger win.

3. Be aware that big races are more profitable

Another crucial strategy that bettors use is to focus on bigger events. This is where you'll find the most bettors. Large markets have better odds, thus an excellent platform for beginners. At big horse racing events, there are several bookmakers with promotional offers that you can take advantage of.

Large horse racing events have more races, increasing your odds of winning. At smaller events, your chances of winning at the few races are quite limited.

4. Keep a good betting record

The best horse bettors know how to keep a record. All information related to your bets is essential. This tactic is vital to help you analyze your betting strategies, in the end, to identify what works for you and what doesn't. A good betting record helps you make successful bets. Why do you place that bet? It's good for bettors to note the reasons behind each bet for easy analysis and long-term profitability. 

5. Try betting exchanges

Horse betting works best when you use betting exchanges. A betting exchange offers more flexibility to make winning bets. Betting against a horse has far, better-winning odds. Bet exchange offers betting platforms for bettors. They are completely founded on preset commissions for beginners.

6. Make use of the dutching system

The dutching system is the most well-known strategy for horse betting. It is a skipping system used by mathematically minded people. This strategy allows you to bet and win according to a selection of horses and a probability of cashing out at any time, regardless of the outcome.

The Dutching system follows a complicated mathematical model; difficult to understand but easy to apply. The system dictates the amount you should place on each bet and the possible winnings. The system dictates that you first enter the total bet amount for each selection chosen. In addition, bettors must first find a race with a fixed number of runners, at least 10 runners and two of the top three ranked horses. Finally, bettors must calculate the implied probability of winning according to the odds noted.


Now that we've introduced you to three of the best horse racing strategies on the market, what next? Find your way into horse racing and start using the strategies to increase your profits. In addition, make sure you do further research on the sport to learn more about it and start making consistent profits. Good luck!

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