How to get on an NFT whitelist?


How to get on an NFT whitelist?

June 08, 2022

What is NFT whitelist? Buying non-playable tokens (NFTs) as soon as they are minted is a great way to maximize potential profits. Every trader tends to buy at low prices and sell at high prices, and popular NFTs tend to sell at the lowest prices immediately after launch. Unfortunately, intense competition for these newly minted tokens can lead to price increases and inflated transaction fees.

NFT providers have addressed these issues by creating whitelists for early adopters. In this article, you'll learn how NFT whitelists work and how you can use them to your advantage.

What Is an NFT Whitelist?

The NFT whitelist is a database of people who are guaranteed early access to monetary NFTs on specific dates and times. Being included on such a list helps buyers avoid the high secondary prices and high transaction fees of popular NFTs.

NFTs are triggered, or "crashed," on a specific, predetermined date. If you are whitelisted by an NFT, you will have a certain amount of time to purchase the tokens you just mined before they are offered to third-party buyers.

While you wait, your cryptocurrency wallet will be whitelisted by NFT. This mechanism makes the launch of NFT more democratic, provides early access to genuine backers, and avoids the competition and gas wars usually associated with popular NFT projects.

Why is there an NFT whitelist?

We have answered the question "What is the NFT whitelist?" But we still haven't discovered why they exist. This question is at the heart of the whole concept. Whitelists did not suddenly appear in the NFT space. They were developed in response to several key issues facing NFT projects.

The whitelist did not solve all of the problems that started the NFT project, but it made the process smoother and fairer. As a result of successfully addressing these key issues, significant improvements have occurred. Some of the main reasons for using whitelists are listed below.

Avoid Fierce Competition

By its very nature, NFT is an exclusive commodity with limited supply. This means that tokens are often depleted as soon as they are minted - especially for popular NFT projects. Many promising buyers are left out in the cold with nothing to show for it. Once this happens, they must accept losses or buy tokens on the secondary marketplace at inflated prices.

Many NFT projects prefer to avoid this fierce, relentless competition. After all, the idea is to create a community where people connect online and come together based on shared values or beliefs. the introduction of the NFT whitelist deters pure speculators by limiting competition and making it easier for certain people to get valuable tokens.

Reward Supporters

NFT projects are often slow to develop and they need a lot of hype in the early stages to create momentum and ensure a successful launch. Social media allows for early marketing and community building during the idea stage, when the project exists only in the mind of the founder. A project's early supporters are often the ones who actually help the idea take off.

Unfortunately, the fierce competition described above can make these true fans unavailable once the tokens are actually minted. This is a fundamentally unfair situation. Not only do early backers tend to be the ones who want to buy the tokens the most, they have put considerable effort into the project. They may have shared the idea with friends, promoted it on social media, and talked directly with the creators about how to promote the project. Missing out on the fruits of all this labor is a crushing blow, and it discourages people from supporting similar NFT projects in the future.

The departure of these fans is bad for NFT vendors because it destroys the enthusiast base they counted on when they started their support. The whitelist gives them a viable solution. Creators can now add early supporters to the NFT whitelist, thus ensuring that they have early access to the NFTs they helped create.

In this case, everyone is a winner. The NFT program creates a base of enthusiastic and dedicated followers. At the same time, traders can participate in the NFT program at the earliest stages of development, knowing that they will receive a guaranteed share of the program in the form of new tokens.

Prevent Gas Wars

Transaction fees on blockchains like ethereum aren't static. They get higher when congestion increases - and nothing clogs up a network more than the launch of a popular NFT. When thousands of buyers bid on tokens, many, including early backers of the project, find themselves losing out.

Transaction fees in the blockchain have grown in direct proportion to the demand for specific digital products. In the case of newly created NFTs, buyers have expressed a willingness to pay more per transaction. Buyers who pay higher fees are more likely to let their transactions go through first. When time is tight and new NFTs are about to sell out, buyers are willing to pay more for faster deals. Transaction fees can become much more expensive than NMT itself. In essence, this dynamic is leading to a digital auction commonly referred to as the War on Gas.

The NFT whitelist eliminates this problem by giving buyers a certain amount of time to acquire NFTs. This removes the sense of competition, which means people no longer need to bid against each other at higher transaction costs. The end result is a fairer, more democratic system where people don't have to spend their cryptocurrency in order to buy.

Don't Spam

While thousands of genuinely interested buyers can make it difficult to get a new project off the ground, spam accounts take the problem to a new level. Many projects are inundated with pre-sale requests from fake cryptocurrency wallets and fraudulent accounts. Some unscrupulous actors have even registered hundreds of accounts at a time. Whitelisting does not allow such behavior to seriously affect the mining process.

NFT whitelisting usually prevents mass registrations. It also blocks spam from non-whitelisted addresses. This creates a cleaner, healthier digital environment and allows the NFT program to focus on real customers who are actually interested in mining tokens

NFT Whitelist, How its Work?

The NFT whitelist works by collecting digital wallet or crypto addresses and then allowing those addresses to advance to new NFT mining projects. Many NFT projects exist on the ethereum blockchain, which means that your ETH address is what will eventually appear on the list.

The first step for potential buyers is to get approval to whitelist your address. Most projects want their NFTs to be available to real fans and early supporters. They want to avoid mere investors, especially spam accounts. During the approval phase, the program will evaluate your account and decide if it is worth adding to the whitelist.

Once your account is whitelisted by NFT, you will be given a date and time to mine the new tokens. The length of the time period depends on the project, but many whitelists offer a two-day window. Now that you are on the list, all you have to do is wait for the specified date. At the specified time, you will be able to log into your account and mine NFT as promised.

Pros and Cons

Being on the NFT whitelist offers various benefits to investors or fans, but it is not without its drawbacks. Like any mechanism, the NFT whitelist has its pros and cons. As an investor, it's up to you to decide which way the scales are tipped.


The most obvious benefit of being whitelisted is that it guarantees you access to a particular NFT. if the demand for an upcoming token release is very high, you may be concerned that you will miss out on the primary mining process and be forced to pay a higher price on the secondary market. Whitelisting eliminates this risk.

Another major advantage is that whitelisting allows you to not have to engage in gas wars. The free time to buy means you don't have to pay extra for faster transactions. The savings allow you to spend more of your money on actual NFT purchases.

The last advantage is not so obvious. the NFT whitelist program will help you take a more active role in the NFT community. You will learn a lot about how the major systems work and become a better, more informed investor.


The main drawback of whitelisting is that it is a time-consuming process. Ensuring your address is on a popular list takes hours of online engagement. You need to publicly promote your tokens on social media and discuss key issues with other fans on the project's Discord server. This can be time-consuming - and you probably won't be whitelisted anyway.

Another problem with whitelisting is that there is no guarantee that the project will be successful. You may get an NFT early that will not end up being developed. in this case, you may lose time and money without any real benefit.

A final problem is that scammers sometimes take advantage of potential investors who want to be whitelisted. You can protect yourself from this risk by being wary of sudden offers from unknown sources. Scammers can send you direct messages or offer to click on random links. Be very careful to only communicate with people who are actually associated with reputable programs.

NFT whitelists are important mechanisms, but they don't create a perfect investment scenario. Of course, a perfect investment scenario cannot exist. Investing money in a project always requires effort and involves some risk. However, whitelists offer significant advantages with few drawbacks. Countless investors have used them to successfully mine NFT. now that you know the pros and cons of the system, you can decide if the whitelist approach is right for you.

Basics you need to know to get on an NFT Whitelist

Getting on the NFT whitelist is not always easy, but there is a specific pattern that most traders follow which can give you the best chance of success. You have to work hard at every stage, from identifying the right projects to interacting with their creators online. They say that getting whitelisted is "painful", and not without reason.

The good news is that if you take the time to do it, you'll eventually get on some whitelists - and don't stop there. Once you're successful, you'll understand why this strategy has become so important in the NFT ecosystem. Here are four steps to follow if you want your efforts to be successful.

Find a Good Pre-Launch

To whitelist a project, you need to get involved before the NMT is launched. Pre-listed projects don't get as much publicity as NMTs that are already listed, so you have to do some more digging to find them. As you go through the projects in the program, you have to trust your judgment and decide which ones are most likely to take off in the future.

There are many places on the internet where you can find pre-start projects. rarity.tools is a platform designed to help traders identify NFT projects to invest in. You can also use the classic social media platforms to keep up with all the latest trends and upcoming projects.

Try following NFT experts on Twitter and subscribe to YouTube channels dedicated to NFT. By visiting these platforms regularly and staying up to date, you'll learn about many interesting projects in the early stages of development. You will also learn a lot about NFT trading in general, which will make you a more informed investor.

Join the discord Server

Discord is a social platform where people or groups can create special communities, called "servers". It is also the main online space for planning and organizing National Trusts. If a project is in development, you can expect its founders and developers to discuss their plans on Discord.

Once you've identified a project you're interested in, the next step is to join that project's Discord server. There's no better way to stay up to date, interact with other members of the fledgling community, and eventually get on the NFT project's whitelist. You can find a link to the server on the project's public Twitter page.

The NFT project server may contain a variety of useful information, including the project roadmap, bios of the founding team members, and all the latest announcements. You can use this space to learn more about the project before committing. You may then request to be whitelisted from within the server.

Please look for instructions on how to join the whitelist in the announcements section of the website. If you can't find any information on your own, start a chat room and ask other group members. People will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Follow the Twitter

When you're ready to apply for a position on their whitelist, it's always a good idea to learn as much as you can about NFT. That's why it's a good idea to follow the program on Twitter. There's no easier way to stay up to date, because all you have to do is check your feed to see what the founders are writing about.

While Discord is the central planning hub for most NFTs, Twitter serves as an additional channel for news and updates. You don't want to miss anything important that the founders are writing to their followers.

If you don't already have a Twitter account, get one as soon as possible. This platform is truly essential for active NFT traders. If you have an account, but rarely use it, you may want to step up your game. The best investors use all the information resources at their disposal.

Eligibility Requirements

Joining the NFT whitelist is usually not as simple as clicking the "Join Now" button. In most cases, you must apply to join, demonstrating in the process that you meet certain requirements. You may also need to make some changes or follow some basic instructions to meet the criteria.

Each National Trust has different criteria and each program will have its own application process. In some cases, all you have to do is fill out a simple online form. Other projects will ask you to invite other users to the Discord server, turning you into a kind of token marketer. Whatever you are asked to do, the instructions should be clear enough for you to easily follow.

Once you have met all the requirements, you will be asked to provide your cryptocurrency wallet details. If your cryptocurrency address is approved, you will be whitelisted and allotted a time to mine your tokens. After that, all you have to do is wait for the assigned day.

How to improve your chances of being whitelisted by NFT?

Even if you follow all of the above steps, there is no guarantee that you will be whitelisted in the program. Popular tokens tend to be in high demand and you will be competing with other backers eager to get the spot. In order to increase your chances of getting on the list and getting tokens early, you will have to show your support for the group.

Essentially, you need to show the founders that you are contributing to the overall well-being of the project. To do this, you need to interact with other users and promote the upcoming token release in a prominent digital space. With the right strategy, you will be able to prove your value to the project and increase your chances of getting on the NFT whitelist of your dreams.

Stay Engaged

Many NTF projects aim to create an active online community. If you want to attract the attention of the founders, then contribute as much as you can to this nascent internal group.

Chat with other users on the Discord server. Post on your personal account about the latest happenings. Ask meaningful questions that show your genuine interest in the project. Such actions will be noticed and the founders will appreciate the time you give to the project.

Attract more supporters

Every NFT founder dreams of attracting more backers and buyers for their projects. If you can help with this effort, you will surely be appreciated by the people in charge.

Take some time to promote this token on other Discord servers by always posting your promotional material in the dedicated "shill" chat room. While this direct marketing may take some time to get used to, it will help you get the decision makers in the NFT ecosystem to like you.

Advertising through fan art

Nothing demonstrates your passion for a project better than creating fan art. By creating your own drawings based on ideas for tokens, you show how much time and effort you are willing to devote to the project. Through your artwork, you are also contributing to the popularity of the tokens.

If you are a creative person, consider trying out your artistic skills. Creating fan art will not only help you get on the NFT whitelist, it can also be a lot of fun.

Participate in Giveaways

Many programs promote themselves on social media through giveaways that offer whitelist placement in exchange for free promotion. To enter such a giveaway, all you need to do is retweet or share the information as directed. You may not be able to get on the whitelist, but you can increase your chances by entering as many giveaways as possible.

Join early

When an NFT project first launches, the founders go out of their way to draw attention to the token and create a bit of hype. This makes them more willing to provide easy access to the NFT whitelist.

As the project grows, the demand for whitelist seats increases and getting them becomes more difficult. Therefore, as an investor, you are better off finding interesting projects in their earliest stages. If you find a project that is just starting to go live, you may be able to get a whitelist spot and guarantee yourself early access to tokens.

Is it worth trying to whitelist NFT?

Getting on the NFT whitelist can be a daunting task. You will have to spend a considerable amount of time researching and finding projects before launching. Then, you will need to engage with the existing community to prove your value to the central mission. For many traders, this process requires several hours of work each week.

Despite the depth and breadth of commitment, the effort of trying to get on the NFT whitelist is usually worth it. Indeed, you can't get on all whitelists, and even if you do succeed, the token you get may ultimately fail. Nevertheless, the opportunity to get early access to interesting projects is usually worth it.

When you whitelist NFT, you can get new tokens for a fraction of what other buyers must pay. You will avoid expensive gas wars, and you will be able to avoid expensive secondary markets altogether. These advantages make the NFT whitelist a worthwhile use of time for most serious NFT traders.

The NFT whitelist gives traders early access to the tokens they are most interested in. You can use this simple mechanism to avoid gasoline wars and get tokens at a lower total cost of ownership.

If you really want to invest in NFT, there's no better way to maximize your potential returns and get more involved in the world of unplayable tokens than whitelisting. With the right strategy and a little dedication, you can use whitelisting to strengthen your portfolio.

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