How are NFTs used in online casinos?


How are NFTs used in online casinos?

January 16, 2023

You may have heard of NFTs when reading about cryptocurrencies, but what exactly are they, and how can the online gambling industry make use of them?

NFTS or Non-Fungible Tokens are simply digital tokens that are unique to themselves and cannot be swapped for any other token. The word fungible means interchangeable. For example, a $1 note is a fungible item because a $1 note can also always be swapped for another $1 note.

An example of a non-fungible item would be a piece of artwork. One piece of artwork cannot be swapped for another because they are both unique in their own way and carry different values.  

NFTs for Online Casinos 

Many different types of NFTs can be created in the form of tokens, reward packages, loyalty cards, collectables, bonus cards and much more. The list is virtually endless. What makes NFTs so unique in regard to other reward packages and loyalty cards is that they belong to the user and can be sold on the open market or used at other casinos. They are virtual assets. 

Looking at some examples, high-quality casinos could make it possible for players to gamble on the outcome of NFT matches. This could add a fun spin to some of the traditional casino games and give players a chance to win big payouts. 

Other examples may include rewarding players with NFTs who have gained high scores, which could serve as an incentive to keep them playing and make them feel appreciated by the casinos. 

Getting Creative with NFTs

Other interesting concepts include providing players with the chance to gain a share of the house edge. This is done by offering an NFT as the main prize for a specific game; in return, the player gets a small profit share of their asset. Before the gambling starts, a buyout price of the asset is determined so that if anyone wins the main prize, the owner of the digital asset will receive the buyout amount.

Casinos can also make use of NFTs by selling their merchandise to loyal fans. Some casinos crypto have started creating their own digitalised artwork collections. Loyal fans gain these artworks by buying them or winning them through gambling. They can then be sold or swapped on online NFT marketplaces, and some of them can carry a hefty price tag which can make them very sought-after items. 

Another innovative idea for using NFTs is to allow players to place bets on the NFTs that they own. This can add extra layers of excitement to gambling as the players can win or lose each other's NFTs. Once you have lost your NFT, the only way to get it back is to either repurchase it if the new owner decides to sell it or try to gamble it back.

Another innovative gambling idea can be to use NFTs as gambling tokens. This can be done by allowing users to bet on various outcomes of events that make gambling more fun and exciting and allows players to win valuable prizes.

NFTs can also be taken into the Metaverse. Some online gambling casinos have started their own virtual worlds. In the virtual or metaverse casino, users and players can walk around and enjoy an interactive gaming experience without needing to leave their homes. In these virtual worlds, users can actually purchase their own virtual slot machines, casino tables or even apartment suites that they rent out inside the virtual world to generate their own revenue.

These digital assets will come in the form of NFTs. Since the NFTs are linked to their digital wallets, all income generated by the digital assets will siphon the funds back to them effortlessly and seamlessly in a very secure way.

Overall, NFTs have the ability to revolutionise the gambling industry completely; they can add extra layers of excitement for the players and also create new reward and loyalty systems.

This makes them a precious tool for casino operators, as they give them the opportunity to have a competitive edge over others in the market. NFTs are clearly here to stay, and we can only expect broader adoption of this new technology in the future.

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